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XIX Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010 : A Glimpse of the Games Village June 27, 2010

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Jawarharlal Nehru Stadium which host the Opening and Closing Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010

Games Village for the best ever Commonwealth Games to be hosted in our capital is located on the eastern banks of River Yamuna. This project is being undertaken by the Delhi Development Authority(DDA), which is an agency under Government of Delhi. It’s located off the National Highways 24 in the Noida Intersection near the Akshardham Temple. Games Village expand over an area of 63.5 hectare.

It includes 14 blocks, 34 towers and 1,168 air-conditioned flats. It will have two occupants per room. All these facilities were the provisioned to deliver the best ever Commonwealth Games. These will provide world-class infrastructure for more than 8,000 sports persons and official from around 71 nations. I am too excited on Googling about the Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010’s venues. They are very great. Some nations thought that India can’t accomplish this mission. But, they have to think again! . He is an exclusive slideshow for you!

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The work for the Games Village is started in August 2007. I don’t know whether the work is finished or not. But, I hope that it will be done right on time. Let’s hope for the best!

The 10 days of Commonwealth Games will surely increase India’s level in the Global level. India will be on the center stage. It’s a good chance to showcase our potential. So, Indians please throw away the Gamble Cricket and start supporting the real sporting events!


Welcome Queen’s Baton! June 25, 2010

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XIX Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010

India welcomes the Queen’s Baton through the Wagah Border. The relay has covered 1,70,000 Km and 70 nations. Finally, It arrived at India from Pakistan through the Wagah Border. Pakistan Olympic Association President Lt Gen Syed Arif Hassan handed over the Baton to Indian Olympic Association President Suresh Kalmadi. Punjab Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal, Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and other prominent sportpersons are present at the ceremony. An cultural program is being held at the Wagah Border. Kalmadi thanked the Pakistan Olympic Association for supporting us earn this opportunity.

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The Games is just 100 days away. Now the Queen’s Baton will travel through the capitals and important cities in all States and Union Territories across India in the next 100 days. It will then return to Delhi on October 3, 2010. This will cover a distance of 20,000 kms across India.

This Baton Relay was started from Buckingham Place in Londo by Queen Elizabeth II on October 29, 2009.

The Baton is the most advanced one with Global Positioning System(GPS), so that the exact location of the Baton can be tracked easily. It can record images,  record sounds with microphone and send these files. It has many Light Emitting Diodes (LED)’s which changes it’s colour according to the Country’s flag  it was travelling. This Baton is created by Foley Designs in association with Titan Industries and Bharat Electronics Ltd.

Some more excitement waiting for you. You can send messages to the Baton right from your mobile. Type :- baton<space>(Your message with your name and the city/Upto 160 characters only) and send to +919818924545.

FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa Official Theme Song – Free Download June 24, 2010

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Download FIFA World Cup 2010 Tracks here for free!

I present to you the official theme song of FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa here!

Download from my SkyDrive Account :

1. Wavin Flag – Celebration Mix by K’naan

2. Waka Waka – This time for Africa by Shakira

100 days to go for THE CELEBRATION! June 24, 2010

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Come out and Play!

A chance to showcase India’s potential is 100 days to go! Ya, Commonwealth Games is just 100 days to go. This will showcase the world what we are made of. Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010 are set to begin on the 3rd of October. Infact, the Queen Baton Relay is currently in Lahore, Pakistan. It’s set to reach India on 25th, June 2010(Tomorrow). Some months ago we are uncertain about the completion of the works for the game. But, now there are no issues regarding that and the works are on fast track. The Games committee are now satisfied. All the works are nearing completion.Majority of stadiums are inaugurated. The major setback is the uncompletion of Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium where the opening and closing ceremonies are held. But, Kalmadi has promised this will be the best Commonwealth Games ever! Let’s wait and see.

The total expense of the game is nearing Rs. 15000 crores. Our country has recently hosted a great deal of international events including Hockey World Cup, Boxing and Shooting. Games will be held in five stand alone stadia and six cluster venues. The Delhi Government has undertaken 24 infrastructures projects including games related roads, flyover, overpasses, parking places etc., but only 10 have been completed now. They are expected to be completed by July. All these projects will make our capital ‘a world class city’. I think that the participating countries should never complaint about the security setup. India is the safest country in the world!

Our country must have taken the prepartions for this games more seriously some years before. Now, we are rushing up in the last minute.

But, I am sure that Government of India and Olympic Committee of India can deliver an hi-tech, best ever Commonwealth Games ever! And this games will help in shifting the interest of Indian People from Money Oriented Cricket to real sporting events!

The New King of Grass! June 24, 2010

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Hi everyone who are enjoying the Wimbledon Season! Though there  are three other Grand Slams, Wimbledon Lawn Tennis is considered as the most prestigious one. I am watching Wimbledon since 2008. I didn’t like to watch it last year since there is no Nadal!

The New King of Grass

I am a great fan of Rafael Nadal. In fact, I stopped seeing Tennis last year because there was only less Nadalism. Last year has been a bad year for my and your hero Nadal. But, this year he returned with a bang, clinching his fifth French Open Grand Slam Title and climbing to his own No. 1 spot.

In an typical Federer Grass Court Match as far as I have seen, Federer will enter the court, he will make his opponent run throughout the court, playing the game without any pressure winning in straight sets and then wave his hands to his fans to celebrate his victory.

But, every Fed-Express fan is upset is over the poor performance in the opening 2 rounds of the Wimbledon. We can’t forget the 5-set thriller first round match of Federer with Fallo. I have never seen Federer struggling like this to an normal experienced players. Round 2 was better for him yesterday. But, he was not able to withhand the service of his opponent, Bozoljac. He too was very good in service, and sometimes overshadowed Federer in services. Is this the end of Fed-Express?

We might have not forgottened what happened in Wimbledon Men’s Finals of 2008. Federer bursting into tears after losing to our King Nadal. That’s not a sign of an real champion. The bad thing about Federer is that he refuses to run rather than to leave the ball. He uses this tatics only. He doesn’t want to use his stamina. On the other hand, Nadal can run like an Bullet train. He doesn’t give up a shot, he tries atleast to do his best everytime he plays. Nadal’s matches will be very interesting. But, in an Federer Match one can see Federer domination with nothing but damn tatics!

Nadal was now playing well in grass courts also. He won the first round match at Wimbledon in Straight Sets sending the message to his rival breedwinner Federer. Today, he is going to play his second round match. It’s gonna be a piece of cake for the New King of Grass!

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