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New Symbol for Indian Rupee – The Contenders! June 24, 2010

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Cheerup! Because Government of India is going to decide the symbol for Indian Currency today! (24-06-2010). Major Countries already have an unique symbol for their currency. Some are Dollar ($), Yen, Euro, Pound, Sterling etc. I have provided you those symbols in the slide show below.

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India is the second fastest growing economy in the world. India’s role in the Global Economy is massively recognized now. So, our government wished to promote a symbol for Indian Currency. The Finance Minister is discussing with the five different types of symbols. These symbols closely resembles hindi letter ‘R’. Out of the five, I like only two of them. You can see the five symbols below:

Five types of Symbols under Consideration

I like the second one and four one. The second one is more professional looking one and it’s very decent and appealing. The fourth one is a stylish one and easy to write. If I am the jury to select the symbol, I will finally go for the second one.These five shortlist contenders for the symbol has been prepared by the Finance Ministry to represent Indian’s ethos and culture – they say. But, I don’t know where it was?!!

But, this is an innovative step. Good Step by the government!

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