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The New King of Grass! June 24, 2010

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Hi everyone who are enjoying the Wimbledon Season! Though thereĀ  are three other Grand Slams, Wimbledon Lawn Tennis is considered as the most prestigious one. I am watching Wimbledon since 2008. I didn’t like to watch it last year since there is no Nadal!

The New King of Grass

I am a great fan of Rafael Nadal. In fact, I stopped seeing Tennis last year because there was only less Nadalism. Last year has been a bad year for my and your hero Nadal. But, this year he returned with a bang, clinching his fifth French Open Grand Slam Title and climbing to his own No. 1 spot.

In an typical Federer Grass Court Match as far as I have seen, Federer will enter the court, he will make his opponent run throughout the court, playing the game without any pressure winning in straight sets and then wave his hands to his fans to celebrate his victory.

But, every Fed-Express fan is upset is over the poor performance in the opening 2 rounds of the Wimbledon. We can’t forget the 5-set thriller first round match of Federer with Fallo. I have never seen Federer struggling like this to an normal experienced players. Round 2 was better for him yesterday. But, he was not able to withhand the service of his opponent, Bozoljac. He too was very good in service, and sometimes overshadowed Federer in services. Is this the end of Fed-Express?

We might have not forgottened what happened in Wimbledon Men’s Finals of 2008. Federer bursting into tears after losing to our King Nadal. That’s not a sign of an real champion. The bad thing about Federer is that he refuses to run rather than to leave the ball. He uses this tatics only. He doesn’t want to use his stamina. On the other hand, Nadal can run like an Bullet train. He doesn’t give up a shot, he tries atleast to do his best everytime he plays. Nadal’s matches will be very interesting. But, in an Federer Match one can see Federer domination with nothing but damn tatics!

Nadal was now playing well in grass courts also. He won the first round match at Wimbledon in Straight Sets sending the message to his rival breedwinner Federer. Today, he is going to play his second round match. It’s gonna be a piece of cake for the New King of Grass!

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