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It’s finally Spain! July 12, 2010

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Spain's striker David Villa (C-R) kisses

And South Africa has successfully hosted this grand sporting event. At the end, Spain takes the cup finally. It was an great entertaining match yesterday.

The closing ceremony was grand and entertaining. The match was in full speed from kick-off. Spain had good control over the ball in mid-field, but was not able to finish any shots on goals as Netherland’s defenders are good inside their  area. As far as the match is concerned, there was 14 yellow cards, of which 9 went to Netherland players. Netherlands players were not playing fair yesterday. They commited too many fouls giving away bunches and bunches of free kicks to Spain. Xavi of Spain was not in full form out there. And David Villa doesn’t seem to play well. The defender Puyol of Spain really played a good match. All the midfielder and defenders of Spain really well with some nice passing tatics. Robben of Netherland missed nearly 3 shots on goals and was really disappointed.

There was no goals even after second half. The first extra time also went in the same manner. Then, in the second extra time, Spain’s Golden Boot Competitor, David Villa went to the stands as her was replaced by Torres as substitution. The finishing came from Spain’s Andres Iniesta at the 26th minute of the extra time. That’s the golden moment for this finals. Spain, then holded on to the next 4 minutes and broked the Netherland’s attempt to strike back..

Final whistle was blown,  it’s finally Spain, who proved that they are not only European Best, but also the best in the world. It’s a good deserving win for Spain. Netherlands doesn’t deserve this time…

As I predicted yesterday, Thomas Muller of Germany won the Golden Boot for his five goals and also won the best young player of this finals. Casillas, the second goal-keeper cum captain to capture the world cup.

Glimpse of the Clash!

FIFA World Cup 2010 : The Fever’s Finals! July 11, 2010

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Who is the 'Champ'?

The football fever has reached the climax. Today, at Johannesburg, Spain and Netherlands will battle for one ultimate pride. It’s already clear that we are going to crown a new champions tonight. Spain is the European Champions and Netherlands have not lost a single match in this tournament.

Comparing the past matches between these two teams, Spain has won in 4 occasions in their 8 head-to-head meetings. Netherlands have won in 3 matches, while the other one is a draw. Netherland has scored 12 goals against Spain, while Spain has scored 10 goals. It’s not an easy job to predict the winner in this finals (as we are not ‘Octopus’).

As far as World Cup experience is concerned, Spain has made 12 World Cup appearances, while Netherlands have only 8. But, these past statistics don’t matters. What the players exhibit today will only matter. I support Spain. But, the truth is I haven’t seen any matches of Spain in this World Cup. I support them because I like Spain’s Rafael Nadal (World No.1 Tennis Player). Also, Nadal will be on Johannesburg today to support his team.

Who will win the Golden Boot?

That’s the big question. It depends on David Villa of Spain and Sneijder of Netherlands. If both of these man, doesn’t score tonight, then Germany’s Thomas Muller will take the Golden Boot.. My favourite for this honour is also Muller.

Anything may happen today, but, it’s surely going to be history!…