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Download Endhiran Songs for Free! July 31, 2010

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Download Free here!

If you are a Rajini fan, this is the most important page for you. The most waited Rajinikanth Film ‘Endhiran’s Audio is launched in Malaysia. Big Budget Shankar – Rajini Venture, first production of Sun Pictures (Till now, they are distributing films only) is going to be released soon.

Download this MP3’s for free and enjoy.

1. Arima Arima

2. Arima Arima II

3. Kadal Anukal

4. Boom Boom Robo Da

5. Puthiya Manidha

6. Irumbile Oru Idhaiyam

7. Chitti Dance Showcase

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I am a Facebook Maniac! July 28, 2010

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2 years before, when I was a little boy in terms of Internet, I used to be craze about Email and Gaming rather than Social Networking sites. I had been using Yahoo! Mail and Gmail regularly. My father will be the only person to send me emails. As days passed, Email seemed to be conventional to me. I started trying social networking. I was not aware of Facebook at that times. The only SNS I know is Orkut. I started using Orkut and find only few friends online. Orkut has a very childish interface. Giant Google failed to impress me through Orkut. Then, blogging became my greatest craze. I am still interested in writing blogs.

Some 2 months ago, I started using Facebook. Man! It’s a very professional interface. Suit my needs perfectly. It has everything in an organised manner. Integrated Chat facility is very useful to me. And Orkut’s applications is not so cool as the applications Facebook has. My most liked Application is Social Interview. And my greatest addiction is FarmVille. Facebook is what which provides real social networking. I am a first year Medical Student, I have connected with many of my classmates and seniors in my college.

When I share what I do through Facebook, I feel light. In terms of India, Orkut and Facebook are moreover equally used Social Networking Site. Facebook has already started leading Orkut in India by slight margins recently. Twitter and MySpace are lagging behind very far..

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Where are the doctors for this population? July 3, 2010

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Once upon a time, most of the outstanding students are opting for a seat in Medical Colleges. To become a doctor is the greatest ambition of many students once upon-a-time. But, now all have changed. Most of the students are hesitating Biology subject in the high school itself. Most are crazy over Engineering Studies. All because in Engineering, they can finish studies in 4 years and then can take jobs. Some years before, there is a massive need for engineers in India. Everyone went for Computer and related engineering subjects. But, now I think there is more engineers than our needs. All are taking one particular engineering, but others are always left unnoticed.

But, the Government of India is becoming aware of the need of huge quantity of Doctors in future scenario. In a country populated as so much as us, Health Facilities are most important one. Any disease can spread in a huge scale in India because of the crowd over here at cities. There is lack of medical facilities in North-East of India and Hilly region. The Medical Infrastructure in Village is worst. The number of doctors is also less. On the other hand, many doctors are not willing to go for village service. Each and every citizen has the right to avail medical facilities.

Recently, Government of India has started taking serious steps to improve this condition. An estimate was presented to the Board of Governors of the Medical Council of India (MCI), stating the number of new government medical colleges needed at this critical point of time. The estimate says that alleast 100 more government medical colleges are need to satisfy India’s Medical needs.

MCI is also planing to increase the quality of medical education in India. It’s planning to increase the number of seats in colleges, and increase the student-teacher ratio etc., All the documents related to this were put on website. And they are confident of approval in next 10 days. The salaries of the medical college faculty is also going to be hiked soon. Nearly 13 groups are going to be established. All the documents will be finalised near August month.

Medical Service is the noblest one. And the doctors should never hesitate to go to remote areas. I have joined Tirunelveli Medical College, (Tamil Nadu, India), 1st year M.B.B.S. As a future doctor of this country, I promised my people that I will serve for this nation and dedicate my life for that. I will never go abroad, I am only for my people…

India’s Pride Vs. India’s Gamble July 2, 2010

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It's in our hands now : We must choose - Country's Pride or Country's Gamble Cricket?

Suresh Kalmadi, Chairman of the Organising Committee of XIX Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010, has written a letter to MS Gill, Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India, to reschedule the India-Australia Cricket Series that coincides with the Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010. Two test matches of that series coincides with Commonwealth Games. One from October 2 – 6  and the other from October 10 -14, 2010. In addition, the Australian Team will play three ODI’ s and three practice matches as part of this series. Indian people never consider any sports other than Cricket. Many of us are mad over cricket. So, if a cricket series is played at the same time as Commonwealth Games, it will reduce the viewship and interest of the people towards CWG. This could be harmfully dangerous to our nation’s grand event.

Suresh Kalmadi had requested Sharad Pawar and BCCI, not to schedule any major cricket events at the time of CWG. But, as usual, cricket stupids had ignored them. So, Suresh Kalmadi has written a letter to MS Gill to intervene in this matter and convince the Gamble Board (Board of Control for Cricket in India) to reschedule the cricket series.

Most Indians are mad about Cricket. But, Cricket is lazy man’s game. If you want to honour the real sporting spirit, then support Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010.

So, “Come out from Gamble and play”

Badminton Gold(s) ready for India! June 27, 2010

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Good news to spirited sporting fans all-over the country!

The Indian Hope

Saina Nehwal, World No. 3 Badminton Player,already the first Indian Badminton player to win Super Series Badminton Title, also the first to clinch the Singapore Open Super Series title last week, clinches her third Super Series Badminton title today. She is really a 20 year old marvel from Hyderabad. She successfully defended her Indonesian Open Championship. In the final, she defeated Japan’s Sayaka Sato 21-19, 13-21, 21-11.

It’s an hatrick for Saina who the Indian Open Grand Prix and the Singapore Open Super Series in the last 2 weeks. I am upset when she lost in the quaterfinals of the Beijing 2008 Olympics. But, she improved here form very much. So, I am confidently saying that gold in Commonwealth, Asian, Olympic etc., Badminton events will be ours!

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India and our people are switching gradually from Cricket to the real sporting events. We are improving a lot in all sporting events. If there is no corruption in Sports Ministry, we can improve at the fastest pace. There are many Saina Nehwals left unnoticed in our country.

When they will come out?

Delhi’s calling :- “Come out and Play”

We’re saying :- “You corrupted officials, you got and we’ll play”