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I am a Facebook Maniac! July 28, 2010

Posted by msoorya in News, Politics, Sci-Tech, Social, World.
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2 years before, when I was a little boy in terms of Internet, I used to be craze about Email and Gaming rather than Social Networking sites. I had been using Yahoo! Mail and Gmail regularly. My father will be the only person to send me emails. As days passed, Email seemed to be conventional to me. I started trying social networking. I was not aware of Facebook at that times. The only SNS I know is Orkut. I started using Orkut and find only few friends online. Orkut has a very childish interface. Giant Google failed to impress me through Orkut. Then, blogging became my greatest craze. I am still interested in writing blogs.

Some 2 months ago, I started using Facebook. Man! It’s a very professional interface. Suit my needs perfectly. It has everything in an organised manner. Integrated Chat facility is very useful to me. And Orkut’s applications is not so cool as the applications Facebook has. My most liked Application is Social Interview. And my greatest addiction is FarmVille. Facebook is what which provides real social networking. I am a first year Medical Student, I have connected with many of my classmates and seniors in my college.

When I share what I do through Facebook, I feel light. In terms of India, Orkut and Facebook are moreover equally used Social Networking Site. Facebook has already started leading Orkut in India by slight margins recently. Twitter and MySpace are lagging behind very far..

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